Everybody has menus and magnets on the fridge.

Whether it be Fish and Chips, Chinese Food, Plumbers, Electricians, Beauty Therapy, Dentists or Doctors, the list is never ending.

At Stallion Print we can design and produce quality representative menus and magnets of your business and its services.

Your business brand, name, logo etc are an essential component of your business. Major companies spend a lot of time and money continually creating and updating their brand. Having a professionally designed logo, specific to your company profile can create a vital impact that becomes immediately recognizable.

Using experience gained, Stallion Print can design and create a logo that showcases your companies services. Complimenting colours, clear photos and witty tag lines can say and show a lot about what you provide, who you are and what you can do.

Some of the worlds biggest companies have basic but memorable branding that has maybe been slightly tinkered in certain ways but the original content of their logo has remained the same.

There does not have to be a huge cost outlay to create a forthright and aesthetically pleasing logo, something that people will remember and associate with your business.

Everything from signage, staff uniforms, business cards, letterheads, envelopes and labels can benefit from the creation of your personal branding.

Maybe you have a current logo that you might need tidying up but keep the original content. Stallion Print can give you varying ideas and designs to create a fresher appeal and outlook.

Well designed logos can incorporate both single and full colour variations. Colour on brochures and business cards maybe essential for promotion, but full colour envelopes are very expensive for something that can promote your business the same way in a single colour.

There are many variations that can be provided to form a cost effective outcome with maximum impact

Menus and magnets are a cheap and cost effective way to have your business name and branding consistently promoted on fridges doors and panels.

The old saying where you want to ‘Stand out in the crowd’ might become ‘Stand out on the fridge’.

Give Stallion Print a call or send us an email if you would like some help with your company branding.

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